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Case Study #138: Differential


Problem: The Differentials are not large, but are heavy and hot. While there is only one size of Differential, the operator must reach into the mold to extract the part and manually rotate it.

Application: Pick up the Differential from the mold using the fork/trap end-effector. Once the Differential is picked up, it is removed from the mold, manually rotated 180° for the operator to remove any sand left in the Differential. It will then be rotated 180° to its original position and placed on a pallet at floor level.

Solution: A Simple Air Manipulator® (SAM K-96) mounted on a powered trolley with 400 lbs. payload capacity and 360° main post rotation. 360° of continuous rotation at end-of-arm. Offset fork end-effector with powered trap jaws on each fork. 180° manual rotation of the end- effector and payload through the horizontal axis. Dust and high temperature modifications were made.

Case Study
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