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AirLift Inline Vertical Lifter


Airlift shown with custom magnet tool and balance controls
AirLift mounted on a trolley/overhead bridge crane with a custom magnet end effector handling sheets of metal.
Airlift inline vertical lifter with custom engineered OD gripper and balance controls
AirLift inline vertical lifter shown with an OD grip tool and custom controls.
Airlift with an OD end effector and pivoting operator controls
Airlift with OD gripper and pivoting operator controls allowing the operator to stay in a neutral position while the lift moves up and down.

The Conco AirLift, is an ergonomic inline vertical lifter.  It has been designed to be a lightweight and cost-effective in-line lifting device. The AirLift makes it possible to float the load, making it virtually weightless mimicking an air balancer but offers the rigidity of a manipulator. This ergonomic lifter makes it easy to position and set loads or objects in place quickly and precisely.  The AirLift can be attached to the end of the Conco Articulated Jib or to a rail system in place of a hoist.

Tech SpecsMax. Lift Capacity lbs.Bore in.Lift in.
AL Tech Specs
AL Cut Sheet

Requires 100 psi (6.21 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity

*Includes payload and end-effector

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Standard Features

    • Heavy duty construction for long life
    • Rod clevis for easy connection to an overhead jib or bridge crane
    • Safety swivel hook mounted on lower clevis (standard)
    • Does not require an air lubricator
    • Cylinder allows for rotation around its vertical axis
    • Pistol grip metering valve control for vertical lift

Available Options

    • Automatic Weight-Sensing and Balancing Control Circuit automatically makes multiple adjustments for handling many weights (AL180 and AL300)
    • Lower controls can be disconnected and mounted on an end-effector
    • Mounting Options: Single arm jib crane, articulated jib crane, or overhead bridge crane
    • Multiple end-effectors for various applications


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