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Case Study #148: Aluminum Rolls


Problem: The aluminum rolls have an inner and outer wall between them, which an end-effector could be inserted. However, the opening between the roll walls is curved and has spokes which create four quadrants and only a 3/4″ height into which an end-effector can be inserted. In addition to supporting the weight of the roll, the end-effector must slide the spool off the spindle.

Application: Remove aluminum roll wound with rubber strands from the horizontal spindles on a winding machine and transfer them to a cart with horizontal shafts.

Solution: Vertical Lift Cylinder with 48″ of vertical travel and 360° operator limited rotation. Poke end-effector with two curved forks to fit into two of the four openings in the roll. A lever at the end of each fork is power rotated to trap the roll on the forks. The trapped roll can then be pulled off of the spindle. Manual rotation of poke end-effector about its horizontal axis for aligning forks with roll openings.

Case Study
Aluminum Rolls
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