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Articulated Jib Hoist (AJH) with Integrated Chain Hoist


Articulated Jib Hoist pedestal mounted - Conco
Pedestal mounted Conco Articulated Jib Hoist ideal for low headroom applications.
Articulated Jib Hoist with optional air hoist - Conco
Pedestal mounted Articulated Jib Arm with customer specified pneumatic hoist.
Articulated Jib with an optional air balancer - Conco
Pedestal mounted Articulated Jib Arm with OD gripper end effector handling steel pipes.

The Conco Articulated Jib Hoist delivers a unique design, offering the advantages of a fully functioning articulating jib*, integrated with the strength of a hoist to lift and position all types of payloads. With the hoist located behind the second arm, the Articulated Jib Hoist is ideal for low-headroom applications.  The ability to maneuver around work cell obstructions this articulated jib with integrated hoist can pick and place heavy objects with ease.  When your layout shows interference with conduit or obstructions coming down from the ceiling the articulated design allows you to work around these obstructions.

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Tech SpecsMax. Lift Capacity lbs.Reach ft. Max. Lift in.
AJH Cut Sheet

Requires 90 psi (6.21 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity for air hoist option

*Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces capacity

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Standard Features

  • Standard models available to accommodate light to heavy lifting applications
  • High precision bearings create smooth levels of operation
  • Leveling bolts to minimize second arm drift
  • Air hoist supplied with articulated jib

Available Options

    • Mounting options: overhead, trolley, pedestal, wall mount, or mobile/portable base
    • 360° continuous rotation (electric or pneumatic) at rotating joints
    • Primary and secondary axes caliper disc brakes
    • Primary and secondary axes rotation stops to keep arms in specific zones
    • Customer specified air or electric hoist can be supplied, consult factory for availability and pricing


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