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Mechanical tool for lifting 5 gallon bucket

Case Study #114: Blood Bucket


Problem: The 5 gallon bucket is heavy when full and the sharp spikes presented a danger to people handling the bucket. Since the contents are liquid, spills are always a concern. Also, the Manipulator must be washed down daily with hot, soapy water from a high pressure washer.

Application: Handling a bucket equipped with large spikes that is used to drain and collect blood from the carcass in a beef packing plant.

Solution: LodeArmĀ® 3030 with a metering valve control to allow handling of any payload weight within capacity of the machine. A simple mechanical end-effector designed to trap beneath the two spikes and support the bottom and back of bucket. Hot dip galvanized steel on the main structure for easy cleaning and durability and end-effector made entirely of stainless steel.

Case Study
Blood Bucket
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