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Case Studies
55 Gallon Drums with Taurus
Abrasive Paper End Effector
Aluminum Spools with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Ammunition with SAM
Automotive Exhaust Assemblies End Effector
Axle Shaft Stock with SAM
Blower Housing End Effector
Buckets with Articulated Jib Boom
Blood Bucket with LodeArm
Cabinet Handling End Effector
Cable Reels End Effector
Cardboard Box with Articulated Jib Boom
Cart with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Conveyor Rollers Custom Application
Counterweights with LodeArm
Crankshafts with ReactionArm
Cylinders with SAM
Diaper Tape Rolls with SAM
Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners with SAM
Differential with SAM
Electric Panels with SAM
Engine Block End Effector with LodeArm
Engine Intake Manifold End Effector
Engine Pins with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Exhaust Assembly with ReactionArm
Filter in Press Stack with Articulated Jib Boom
Flywheel Housing & Flywheels with SAM
Foundry Shrouds with Taurus
Gas Cylinders with Taurus
Glass Panels with Vertical Lift Cylinder
High Torque 6000 NM with ReactionArm
HT Converter Housing with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Hulls & Decks for Watercraft with SAM
HVAC Damper Shrouds with World Manipulator
Hydraulic Swing Cylinder with SAM
Ingot with LodeArm
Investment Casting Molds with World Manipulator
Investment Casting Molds with LodeArm
Jet Engine Turbine Blade with Articulated Jib Boom
Laser Cut Steel Sheets Custom Application
Machining Pallets with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Mini Condiment Bottles End Effector
Molds with Taurus
Molds End Effector
Nut Setter with ReactionArm
Oil Pan with Articulated Jib Boom
Paper Rolls with SAM
Plastic Film with Taurus
Roll Handling End Effector
Rolls of Aluminum Tubing with Taurus
Rolls of Banding with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Semi-Tractor Seats with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Sheet Metal with SAM
Steel Core Shafts with SAM
Steel Panels with SAM
Support Plate & Molds with SAM
Tire Assemblies with Taurus
Tires with Articulated Jib Boom
Torsion Bars with World Manipulator
Truck Engine Flywheel with ReactionArm
Wheel & Swing Drives with Vertical Lift Cylinder
Wheel Hubs with SAM
Wheel Molds with Taurus
Wood Panels with Vertical Lift Cylinder
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