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Case Study #165: High Torque 6000 NM

Problem: High torque application requiring 100 mm nuts being tightened and loosened on a steel fixture. The bolts were both in vertical and horizontal orientation. The application required the operator to use heavy impact wrenches, hand wrenches and sledge hammers. There was no ability to monitor the actual torque of the nuts and high potential for injury to the employee.

Application: Tightening and loosening 100 mm nuts to torques up to 5580Nm with the ability to monitor torque and reduce operator input.

Solution: Installation of a floor mounted ReactionArm manipulator to hold a torque gun capable of torqueing up to 6000Nm. The ReactionArm tooling has the ability to allow the torque gun to torque in both the horizontal and vertical orientations. For vertical torque, the manipulator was equipped with discrete brakes on the middle joint and end joint vertical rotation axes, to lock the arm in place while torqueing was in process. The torque gun was equipped with electronic monitoring which records the actual torque input to verify that all nuts were torque properly. With the Positech ReactionArm, the operator is protected against injury from manually removing the nuts using an impact wrench, hand wrenches, and sledge hammers. Reducing the physical input of the operator.

To download a PDF of the High Torque 6000 Nm Case Study, please click here.

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