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Case Study #166: Roll Handling

Problem: Injuries were common as operators attempted to lift the heavy rolls and hold while placing on a spindle. The label rolls were being damaged as operators rolled the product on the pallet inverting the packets to a core horizontal position. Contacting packets by hand resulted in loss product as material was easily damaged.

Application: Operators handling various rolls of packets (labels) from the pallet to the spindle on the assembly line. Rolls are inverted from core vertical to core horizontal ranging from 6″ to 26″ O.D. weighing up to 300 lbs.

Solution: Conco QuickTurn roll-handling tool with mechanical 3″ I.D. core gripper, manual rotation assembly with rotation lock, a steering assist handle, counter weight and adjustable hook point. Stainless steel construction was used to prevent possible chipping of paint and prevent contamination in the food grade environment. The QuickTurn allows the operators to efficiently and safely handle the label rolls in an ergonomically, the tool was paired with a customer supplied hoist and pallet lift.

To download a PDF of the Roll Handling Case Study, please click here.