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Case Study #167: Cabinet Handling

Problem: Parts range from 19.6-84″W x 15.5-26.8″H x 14.7-29.8″DP weighing up to 300 lbs. Process was requiring 2-3 associates to handle. The parts are coming straight from fabrication and may have some sharp edges and a thin oil film making handling them hazardous for the operators.

Application: Operators need to lift and flip small to large top chest and tool cases (tool boxes) on a conveyor to facilitate a downstream process. In some instances, operators need to remove parts from conveyor and place on a work table then back to the conveyor.

Solution: Positech Vertical Lift Cylinder on an x-y ceiling mounted enclosed rail bridge crane. End effector tooling allows operators to adjust for various part width while vacuum cups provide the “grip” needed to handle the parts. Pneumatically powered continuous 360-degree bi-rotational assembly through the vacuum cups capable of facilitating a slight off center load so operators may overcome various punched openings in the side walls of the parts. Rotational speed of 10 seconds per 360-degrees rotation with “Soft stop” circuitry for rotate cw/ccw and grip/release allows the operator to stop the motion anywhere along its travel range by releasing the pushbutton. Operator safety and convenience features including but not limited to “Gripper Safety Circuit” to prevent an operator from releasing an unsupported payload and provided “easy release” of the part and vacuum Sensed Lift Allowed Circuitry to prevent the payload from being lifted unless a preset sufficient vacuum level has been achieved.

To download a PDF of the Cabinet Handling Case Study, please click here.