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Clearance Master® (Low-Headroom Manipulator)


Pedestal mounted Clearance Master® on a portable base ideal for low headroom applications.
Pedestal mounted Clearance Master® with mechanical end-effector transferring plastic containers.
Pedestal mounted Clearance Master® with custom OD gripper.

The Conco Clearance Master® is a low-headroom manipulator* designed and developed to perform in work areas with overhead limitations as low as 8 feet. It eliminates the need to reconstruct the work area to improve the ability to handle loads. Tight overhead restrictions that might prohibit the use of other material handling devices are not a problem for this low-headroom manipulator.

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Tech SpecsMax. Lift Capacity lbs.Reach ft.Max. Lift in.
CM Tech Specs
CM Cut Sheet

Requires 90 psi (6.21 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity

*Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces capacity

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Standard Features

    • Maneuverability in low-headroom areas
    • Few moving parts and wear points
    • Maintenance is simple and routinely handled by shop personnel
    • Purchase, operating, and maintenance costs are low
    • Pistol grip metering valve control for vertical lift or single weight load balancing control
    • Does not require an air lubricator

Available Options

  • Mounting options: overhead trolley, pedestal mount, or mobile/portable base
  • Up to 360° continuous end-effector rotation
  • Dual Weight Load Balancing Circuit
  • Parallel linkage arms allow an end-effector to remain parallel to the floor


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