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Industrial Manipulator with Ring Handler

3D model of Lift assist and custom end effector
3D Model of SAM
Industrial Manipulator on portable base
Composite Ring Handler
Industrial Lift assist with 144 inches of radial reach
Composite Ring Handler
Tool rotation through both the vertical and horizontal axis
Positech President Mike Olson demonstrating the Composite Ring Handler
Rolled rill allows a part to be bolted to it and rotated 360 continuous.
Composite Ring Handler

Positech’s Simple Air Manipulator (SAM) is fitted with a custom end effector that is engineered to handle large, lightweight rings.  The part is trapped inside of the large rolled ring by adjustable manual clamps.  This unique design allows for manual rotation in 2 axes while still supporting the part on on all sides.  The machine and end effector are designed to a 5:1 safety factor and the rigid design of the SAM allows for accurate placement and control of large lightweight parts.  The SAM is bolted to a portable base to allow for easy movement of the manipulator between work cells.

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