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The Conco® line of articulated Jibs and lift assists has been engineered to prevent arm drift and allow for flexible work cell placement with limited headroom in mind.

Articulated Jib Arm
Articulated Jib Arm

Capacity Up To 2000 lbs

Reach From 8-16 ft

Articulated Jib Hoist
Articulated Jib Hoist

Capacity Up To 1000 lbs

Reach From 8-16 ft.

Articulated Jib Lifter
Articulated Jib Lifter

Capacity Up To 665 lbs

Reach From 8-16 ft.

AirLift - Inline lifter

Capacity Up To 1000 lbs

Lift Up To 60 in.

Balance Master - Industrial Manipulator
Balance Master®

Capacity Up To 1000 lbs

Reach From 4-10 ft.

Clearance Master Low Headroom Lift Assist
Clearance Master®

Capacity Up To 300 lbs

Reach Up To 8 ft.

EzLift Vertical Lifter

Capacity Up To 750 lbs

Reach Up To 60 in.

Quick Turn
Quick Turn

Capacity Up To 500 lbs

Core Size: 3-6 in.

Torque Tube - Torque Reaction Lift
Torque Tube

Torque Capacity Up To 1475 ft-lbs

Vertical Stroke up to 48 in.

VacUp - Vacuum Lifter

Non-pourous Capacity Up To 500 lbs

Semi-porous Capacity Up To 375 lbs

Porous Capacity Up To 250 lbs

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