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Case Study #141: Condiment Bottles


Problem: The bottles themselves are not heavy, but a total of 60 bottles are required to fill a box. The operator has to pick up as many as possible with each hand to place in the box, this was a very repetitive operation.

Application: The ketchup and mustard bottles will be filled by an automatic center, capped and moved down the conveyor to a staging area. Once located at the staging areas, a total of sixty bottles are picked up and placed in a shipping box then palletized.

Solution: Balancer with Jib. Multi-port vacuum end- effector with dual balance and auto activation of the balance control. Push buttons for vacuum on/off integrated into the guide handles. Gripper Safety Circuitry to insure payload is supported before release.

Condiment Bottles

To download a PDF of this case study, click on the link above.

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