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Case Study #161: Conveyor Rollers


Problem: Limited work space, multiple obstacles, and heavy parts lead to ergonomic problems. Restricted power sources and underground environmental conditions limited the available equipment to perform the tasks. The end-user was looking for a solution to improve operator ergonomics as well as the overall efficiency of this maintenance process.

Application: Maintenance personnel were required to change out failed rollers on a mine grade conveyor system running several miles underground. Personnel had to lift the conveyor belt for access to the rollers and then reach across the conveyor support structure to remove the 72 lb. rollers.

Solution: Custom designed Rail Car Manipulator with roller flow rack system, manipulator arm for roller removal and placement, a special jib and hoist to lift and hold the conveyor belt to facilitate access to the rollers, including a dump station with tilt feature for the expired rollers. Using a tamper car provided by the end-user, Positech designed, manufactured, assembled and mounted a complete integrated system with the power source generated by and pulled along the tracks accompanying the conveyor, by the end-user’s locomotive. The material handling solution included adjustable flood lights and increased the efficiency and ergonomics for this difficult maintenance task.

Case Study
Conveyor Rollers
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