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Case Study #160: Counterweights


Problem: Lifting and inserting the counterweight, which may weigh up to 65 lbs., creates several ergonomic issues. There is a 10′ dropped ceiling above the counterweight staging area. The opening in the cabinet is only 1″ larger than the counterweight, which requires the pitched up counterweight be perfectly aligned for insertion. The cabinet is traversing the work cell moving by on a powered conveyor.

Application: The machine cycle consists of picking up various sized counterweights, laying them flat on a pallet and pitching the counterweights up for insertion; up to 20″ into the cabinet along the back wall of a file cabinet.

Solution: A pedestal mounted LodeArm® 3030 with 36″ of vertical lift and a pitching end-joint on a vertical axis rotation bearing. ‶T″ handle Operator’s Control Station with dual button for vacuum off as a safety enhancement. Extended end-effector shaft for reaching into the cabinet and a two vacuum cup gripper assembly. Rotation bearing with drag brake assembly to provide part alignment prior to insertion into the cabinet.

Case Study
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