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Electric Panel Industrial Manipulator


Solid Model of a Taurus Hydraulic Lift Assist and gripper
3D Model of Taurus
3D model of grip tooling showing push button controls for variable speed up and down and grip / release
3D Model of Electric Panel End Effector
Electric Panel Manipulator
Hydraulic Lift Assist with OD grip tooling
Electric Panel Manipulator

Positech’s Taurus TPA-10 with 1000 pounds of tooling and payload capacity is shown with an end effector to pick up electric panels.  This hydraulic manipulator comes with leveling jacks built into the pedestal to prevent shimming and grouting to level the pedestal and middle joint leveling to prevent second arm drift, however drag brakes are standard on the middle joint and end joint.  Push button controls allow for variable speed up and down and a custom hydraulic grip tool with serrated rubber jaws holds the part securely.

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