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Case Study #152: Exhaust Assembly


Problem: Long parts are laying horizontal on the welding table at a 30° down angle. The catalytic converter is towards the operator. Parts are placed into the rack vertically and the catalytic converter is away from the operator at a 15° forward angle. Intake tube on the bottom of the part is lifted over and onto a 3″ stud. Exhaust tube snaps into clips at the top of the rack.

Application: Transfer and place 20 lb. exhaust assemblies from a welding table to a storage rack.

Solution: A floor mounted ReactionArm® Manipulator with dual balance vertical lift. Horizontal axis manual rotation with an adjustable drag brake, rotation assist handwheel and rotation lock. Gripper end-effector with long, coped replaceable plastic jaw pads. Circuit regulator for gripper end-effector controls grip pressure on part, allowing manual rotation of part within the grip jaws in a vertical position. Offset gripper toolbar to place part at proper angle.

Case Study
Exhaust Assembly
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