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Case Study #127: Flywheel Housings & Fly Wheels


Problem: Heavy parts were being mounted to an engine on a hanging conveyor and engines are allowed to sway. Operators had to crawl under the engine to insert shields onto installed housing with only 6″ clearance.

Application: Mount housings and flywheels that weigh up to 350 lbs. onto an engine. Housings have no inside access and must be gripped by outside diameter. Flywheels are mounted inside installed housing with no O.D. clearance. Housings and Flywheels need to have mounting bolts aligned to install. Limited floor space with obstruction from overhead conveyor line. Operator needs to work from both sides of housing.

Solution: An overhead mounted Simple Air Manipulator® (SAM K-66) with 360° main post rotation. Pneumatic grip actuator and slide gripper frame. Interchangeable grip jaws; O.D. grip for housing with manual rotation through the jaws, and I.D. grip for the flywheel with bronze grip pads.

Case Study
Flywheel Housing and Fly Wheels
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