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Case Study #158: Gas Cylinders


Problem: The cylinders weigh between 50 to 100 lbs., 8″-10″ diameter and 48″-52″ long. 120″ of radial reach is required for three pick up and place points. The cylinders are up to 350° in temperature when they are broughht to the work cell. Plant safety procedures require that maintenance personnel must be able to service the electrical and hydraulic components from floor level.

Application: Lift the cylinder from an incoming rack and place it in a heat treat fixture. The cylinder is then removed from the fixture and place on an outgoing rack.

Solution: Taurus® (TPA-5) with 500 lbs. of end-effector and payload capacity. Hydraulic powered rotator rotates the part 90°. The manipulator has high temperature modifications including quintolubric oil, high temperature resistant hydraulic/air hoses, jaw padding material and vacuum cup. The hydraulic, electric and pneumatic enclosures are mounted with special pedestal brackets to allow floor level access.

Case Study
Gas Cylinders
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