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Case Study #121: HT Converter Housing


Problem: Two machining centers in a 16′ x16′ work cell. One operator is expected to keep the manufacturing process at peak efficiency while manhandling light, but rather large 20″ diameter parts. The safety and ability of the aging workforce to maintain the required cycle time parameters of the work cell led the end-user to seek an ergonomic solution to this material handling problem.

Application: Gripping and lifting the part from an incoming conveyor, pitching the part from horizontal to vertical and loading a fixture. Part is machined, then pitched down and rotated to the horizontal position for further machining. Part requires to be rotated slightly to line up holes in the part to insert lock pins.

Solution: Pneumatic Vertical Lift Cylinder mounted on a light-rail, ceiling mounted dual girder bridge crane. Light weight pitching mechanism with manual rotation.

Case Study
HT Converter Housing
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