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hulls and decks for personal watercraft

Case Study #134: Hulls and Decks for Personal Watercraft


Problem: The same end-effector must pick up both the hell and deck, distinctly different weights and sizes of parts. A vacuum end-effector will not work, because of the lack of consistent surfaces between the variety of parts and proven marring by vacuum cups. The products are quite large, limiting the operators ability to easily see the backside of the part when articulating grip.

Application: Pick up a hull weighing 240 lbs. and a deck weighing up to 80 lbs. with the same end-effector, from an “H” frame fixture on a conveyor. The parts are removed from the conveyor for inspection. After inspection, the parts are then transferred to a pass or fail cart.

Solution: A pedestal mounted Simple Air Manipulator (SAM P-112) with 77″ of vertical travel and 112″ of radial reach. Operator controls are on an air counter balanced “T” handle and provide an ergonomic interface for the operator. A “C” frame O.D. grip/trap end-effector to clamp and trap the part. Grip pressure regulator to limit the grip forces exerted on the part exterior.

Case Study
Hulls and Decks for Personal Watercraft
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