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Case Study #154: Investment Casting Molds


Problem: Application was previously handled by an automated robot, but the expansion of the company and product line had required that the current product handling device be decommissioned. The molds were irregular in shape and weighed from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. The mold loses up to 10 lbs. in total weight after the wax and hangar bracket have been removed. The molds are heavier and sturdiest when removed from the overhead conveyor, but are lighter and very fragile after the wax and hangar bracket have been removed.

Application: Remove a mold hanging from an overhead conveyor, rotate it 180° with stops at 90° intervals.

Solution: A LodeArm® 3030 mounted on a trolley, suspended on aluminum enclosed track runway. Five break assemblies for the main post, middle joint and end joint, vertical axes, vertical travel and horizontal trolley travel. ‶V″ jaws padded with a compliant, textured rubber pad to conform to the irregular part. 180° powered part rotator with ‶soft cup″ circuitry to permit intermediate stops of part rotation.

Case Study
LA Investment Casting Molds
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