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Case Study #140: Machining Pallets


Problem: Pallets are very heavy, awkward to handle and expensive. Operators are presently using a forklift and hoist to handle parts. Machining centers have limited space and a hoist does not hold the part securely or provide precise placement control.

Application: Load and unload pallets from a machining center. Pallets are brought into the work cell on carts. Operators must lift them off the carts and reach into the machining center to secure the pallet.

Solution: Vertical Lift Cylinder on a free standing X-Y bridge crane. 360° continuous rotation of lift cylinder. Custom designed end-effector to fit bracket. Pneumatic clamps to trap part on to end-effector. Adjustable ‶bleed-down″ speed control to allow operator to gently place the pallet.

Case Study
Machining Pallets
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