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Mobile Tire Handler – Battery Operated Lift Assist

Mobile Tire Handler which is a battery powered lift assist for installing wheels on tractors
Mobile Tire Handler has two steering modes, one to drive like a car and the other allows you to crab steer in any direction.
Battery powered Mobile Tire Handler for installing heavy wheels
Mobile Tire Handler was custom designed to install large tires onto a tractor with the flexibility of moving to a different workcell.
Close up of the Mobile Tire Handler showing trap arms, push-off plates and rotation drives
Close Up Image of the Mobile Tire handler shows the pusher plates that will push the wheel onto the axle.

The Mobile Tire Handler is a battery operated mobile manipulator that an operator stands on and drives around the work cell.  Working with AGV technology to steer an operator has the option to drive around the workcell like driving a car or to switch to a crab steer mode allowing the manipulator to drive at any angle the operator decides.  The operator can move into position and pick a tire and trap it against the front trap arms.  With visibility through the center the operator can see the axle through the center of the wheel and drives up into position.  Once in position an operator can lift to the correct height and rotate to align bolts or keyway.  

Once aligned the operator can walk up and install any hardware required.  The trap arms are then rotated down and the Mobile tire manipulator is backed out and moved into position to pick the next wheel assembly.

Throughout the design process operator comfort and safety were considered.  With pressure sensitive mats to sense operator position and not allow lift assist functions unless the operator is in the correct position and joystick control handles and adjustable forearm support pads ensure the operator remains in an ergonomic position while operating the lift assist.

An HMI display provide input to the operator from the assembly line, shows operator information about the process required and lets maintenance troubleshoot issues.

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