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Case Study #142: Oil Pan


Problem: The system capacity rating must be able to accommodate larger oil pans that may be manufactured at a future date. The radial reach and capacity requirements create significant moment loads. Work cell contains obstructions and low headroom.

Application: Lift the oil pan weighing up to 180 lbs., laying flange down, from the staging table approximately 36″ high. The pan is pitched up approximately 65° with the top of the flange approximately 60″ from the floor, and transferred 138″ to the motor.

Solution: Positech Articulated Jib Boom (AJB-150) with Vertical Lift Cylinder and modified end- of-arm bracket has 440 lbs. payload capacity and 138″ of radial reach. ‶Pin on″ actuating jaws and special 65° pitching end joint assembly.

Case Study
Oil Pan
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