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Positech Career Job Openings

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Manual Machinist

Manufacturing company specializing in developing solutions for material handling needs is seeking a full-time machinist.  Requirements include the ability to read blueprints, use measuring tools, and set-up and operate manual manufacturing equipment.  Experience in machine set-up and operation preferred, but willing to train.  Probable compensation increase following training.  Full benefit package.

Quality Inspector

Manufacturer of material handling equipment is looking for a full-time quality inspector. Job duties include auditing machines for check-off, parts inspection, diagnosing in-house quality problems inspecting first part run on production, inspecting in-house parts being sent out for repair, miscellaneous inspection as requested, deburring, honing, lathe, milling process, assisting with welding setup & inspect weld quality, maintain inspection department organization, assembly, disassembly as required to troubleshoot fit, recommending different processes for machining, spot-checking in-process parts, solve rework items to prevent reoccurrence, give machinists direction on saving parts machined incorrectly,train each machinist to audit set-up and parts before passing it on the next workstation, proper care and effective handling in the use of company assets, calibrate tools and machines, maintain calibration, serve as back-up for machining & assembly, review prints and identify measurement equipment needed to verify part acceptability, other duties as required. Full benefit package. REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of one year trade school experience and two years experience in machining.

Painter/Assembly Production

Manufacturing company in Laurens, IA hiring a full-time painter and assembly helper. Job duties include washing, hanging, and taping parts. Must be able to read blueprints; use a wash, hang, and tape system on your own; have a good general knowledge of paint products (thinners, etc.); simple maintenance of painting equipment; help in others areas of assembly when needed. Requirements include general knowledge of painting equipment, basic math & blueprint reading, ability to use basic measuring tools, knowledge of good safety practices, ability to operate a forklift, able to follow company policy, willingness to learn.

Machinist/Production Floater

Material handling equipment manufacturer looking for a machinist and floater to help in our production department. Duties include operation of machines and helping out other areas in need of assistance including assembly, shipping, and maintenance. Requirements include ability to operate machinery, ability to use all measuring tools, ability to read blueprints and machining symbols, ability to identify different types of materials, undering feeds and speeds, recognizing operational problems and be able to solve some, ability to produce parts of expected quality and quantity, proficiency on all manual machines in area, woring well with people in all areas, teaching of others when required, ability to enforce company policy, ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Part-Time Production Help

Positech is looking for part-time help in our production facility. Employee must have a basic background in mechanics and have the ability to use hand tools. Other requirements include the ability to read simple blueprints, able to operate a forklift, ability to use common measuring tools, must work well with others, and practice good safety habits.

To apply, stop in our office at Positech Corporation, 191 N. Rush Lake Road, Laurens, IA 50554, email resume to or complete application form here.  E.O.E.

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