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Below are Positech’s line of lift assist arms and industrial manipulator arms.

All lift assist arms can be customized and end effectors added to fit your positioning needs.

LodeArm Lift Assist
LodeArm® (LA)

Pneumatic manipulator arm is good for working around obstructions.

Capacity Up To 640 lbs

Reach Up To 180 in.

simple air manipulator positech products
Simple Air Manipulator® (SAM)

Air powered to provide quick response and superior maneuverability.

Capacity Up To 940 lbs

Reach Up To 144 in.

Taurus Hydraulic Manipulator

Hydraulic Arm emulates the human arm and handles the heaviest of loads.

Capacity Up To 2500 lbs

Reach Up To 108 in.

ReactionArm - Torque Arm
ReactionArm (Torque Arm)

Absorbs torque reaction or torsional forces, and impact force from power tools.

Torque Capacity Up To 4425 ft-lbs

Reach Up To 180 in.

Vertical Lift on overhead rail system
Vertical Lift Cylinder (VLC)

Ideal for straight line transfer and reach in operations.

Capacity Up To 2500 lbs

Vertical Lift Up To 60 in.

Vertical Rail Lifter
Vertical Rail Lifter (VRL)

Creates a stable lifting platform.

Capacity Up To 1000 lbs

Vertical Lift Up To 81 in.

LodeArmII Lift Assist
LodeArm® II

Services multiple machining centers and applications where reach-in is necessary.

Capacity Up To 350 lbs

Reach Up To 96 in.

Articulated Jib Boom
Articulated Jib Boom (AJB)

Designed for low headroom operations and maneuver around work-area obstructions.

Capacity Up To 5000 lbs

Reach up to 20 ft

World Manipulator positech products
World Manipulator®

Designed for low headroom applications that require extended reach.

Capacity Up To 1000 lbs

Reach Up To 115 in.

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