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Torque Arm


ReactionArm is shown pedestal mounted with torque tooling
ReactionArm® torque arm with axis rotation defined.
TorqueArm shown mounted on a portable base and torque controller mounted on the pedestal
ReactionArm® torque arm with controller mounts, axis brakes and electric power tool.
ReactionArm overhead mounted with axis brakes
ReactionArm® torque arm mounted on a trolley and rail system with power tool.
ReactionArm torque arm with power tool and controler
Pedestal mounted ReactionArm® with standard tool holder used for vertical torque applications. Shown on a portable base.
LodeArm lift Assist trolley mounted on an enclosed track rail system with pitch and rotate tooling
Trolley mounted ReactionArm® with an end effector that has horizontal axis rotation and vertical pitch.

Positech’s pneumatic ReactionArm® (RA), a torque reaction arm, absorbs shock, torsional forces and impact force from power tools; therefore, reducing carpal tunnel injury and cumulative trauma disorders. This reaction arm moves up and down without pushing any buttons with very little effort and prevents any force of the power tool through the workers’ wrists, arms and upper bodies by absorbing the shock of the attached power tool. A power tool mounted on a Reaction arm can easily be moved and positioned throughout the work cell. A variety of styles, capacities and mounting options provide versatility.

Cut SheetTech Specs
Torque Capacity ft-lbs.
Lift Capacity lbs.*Vertical Travel in.Reach Range in.2D Drawings3D ModelInstallationManual

Requires 90 psi (6.21 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity

*Includes payload and power tooling; increasing arm length reduces payload capacity. Lift capacity dependent upon arm length.

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check-zoom Advantages

  • 5:1 design factor minimum on all structural components
  • Main post adjustable friction brake allows the operator to set arm motion for ease of operation
  • Reduces repetitive shock force to wrists, arms and upper bodies
  • Pilot operated lock valve on lift cylinder prevents vertical arm movement if sudden loss of air pressure occurs
  • Minimum Lift Circuit is standard, allowing controlled downward movement
  • Floor mounted pedestal provided with concrete anchor bolts, mounting hardware and leveling jacks for ease of installation (No grout required)
  • Full turn-key or integration of customer supplied torque equipment
  • Parallel linkage is standard to support loads beyond end-of-arm
  • Does not require air lubricator

graph-zoom Performance

  • Balance configuration for ‘zero gravity’ control
  • Variety of tool holder designs and end joints available or special designs provided
  • Work tools and stands that are incorporated into the work cell can be provided
  • Vertical axes brakes available
  • Pneumatically operated, requires clean dry input pressure
  • Precision bearings and thrust washers at rotation axes for smooth motion and long life
  • Middle joint leveling to prevent second arm drift
  • Remote Start Circuitry available to ensure brakes are engaged prior to vertical torque
  • Optional bias circuitry allows for operator ease during vertical torque
  • Standard pistol grip or optional ergonomic twist grip controls
  • Mounting Options: overhead, trolley, pedestal, wall mount,column, machine or mobile/portable base


Case Studies

ReactionArm with 6000 NM of torque holding capacity

ReactionArm with 6000 NM of torque holding capacity

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