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Case Study #113: Rolls of Aluminum Tubing


Problem: The grip range of the end-effector must handle large variations in rolls. The roll cannot withstand excessive grip force. The manipulator must handle up to 1,000 pounds of payload and still rotate easily.

Application: The machine cycle consists of removing the rolls from a mandrel and transferring them to a pallet. The pick position has the rolls positioned with the core horizontal and then rotated 90° for core vertical positioning on the pallet.

Solution: Taurus® (TPA-15) Hydraulic Manipulator with powered main post rotation to move the large load through the work cell. Pin adjustable jaw arms with coped jaws on end-effector. A pad containing cell sponge inserts was provided for a soft grip on the wide range O.D. rolls.

Case Study
Rolls of Aluminum Tubing
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