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Service: 888-688-0020
Over the years, even the best machines may need occasional service. Positech offers quality parts and expert service and support for both its Positech and Conco equipment.

24/7 Emergency Phone Line

Call 541-954-2948 for round-the-clock emergency service.

On-Site Service

Schedule a technician to visit your facility by calling 888-688-0020.

Spare & Replacement Parts

Custom and standard parts are available. Positech suggests stocking the items on your recommended spare parts list, found in the operator’s service manual. Inquire about availability at 888-688-0020.
Part Number Description
 8900613 Twist Type Metering Valve (TMV)
 ATA – Air Transfer Arm ATA


Positech manipulators are guaranteed for 12 months on electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, magnetic and vacuum parts, and for 18 months on mechanical parts.

Preventative Maintenance

Increase the value of your initial investment. Call 888-688-0020 to extend the life of your machines with our preventive maintenance program.

Service Manuals

Contact the Service Department for replacement operator service manuals. Service manuals for Positech products (2005-present) are available in electronic format, or may be purchased as a hard copy or CD-ROM.

Refurbishing Positech Machines

Positech can rebuild an entire manipulator including the end-effector. Positech also rebuilds manipulator components which includes, but not limited to, hand controls, control circuits, cylinders and replacement parts. This service can save up to 50% compared to the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Installation Services

To assure a safe, efficient installation, Positech can supply supervised installation (either turnkey or by partnering with you) with local contracted installation personnel or your internal maintenance personnel.

JD Neuhaus

Positech is also a JD Neuhaus factory trained hoist repair service provider.
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