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Sheet Gripper


3D model of large panel vacuum tool
3D Model of vacuum tool
Large panel vacuum tool with self leveling cups
Large Sheet vacuum tool with vacuum generator integrated within the frame
Large panel vacuum end effector with adjustable position cups
Self leveling vacuum cups
Large panel below the hook vacuum tool
Adjustable vacuum cups and shut offs for different cut sheets
Large sheet below the hook vacuum tool with level compensating cups
Large sheet below the hook vacuum tool

Custom applications include this Below-The-Hook Vacuum Lift Assist Tool. Designed to lift 1500 pound composite panels that range in size from 6 ft x 20 ft to 10 ft x 50 ft, this manipulator allows the operator to quickly and easily stack, unstack, and move large sheets of non-porous material. This vacuum lift assist uses a 480 volt electric vacuum pump to power 16 level compensating vacuum cups. The cups are independently adjustable in both directions in order to optimally set the cup location. The 40 foot main structure of the vacuum lifter is an engineered truss designed with a 5:1 safety factor.

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