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Slide Grip ID End Effector


ID grab tool to pitch a roll from horizontal to vertical
Slide Grip ID End Effector
ID grab tool with steering assist handle
Slide Grip ID End Effector
ID Grab tool with pitch to pick a cylinder head and place on a tombstone fixture
Slide Grip ID End Effector

The gripping jaws of these end effectors move in a parallel or single acting motion and grip the inside diameter of the part. This style of gripper can be used with a pitching endjoint to rotate the part straight up 90 degrees or with a powered or manual rotator that allows an operator to rotate the part about an axis.  Operator controls are available that pivot up and down with the operators hands and help prevent the operator from bending over or moving hands above shoulder level to complete the process.  Many styles of jaw material can be used to help ensure a secure grip and a safety circuit can be incorporated with the tooling to prevent the accidental release of a part.

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