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Case Study #149: Steel Core Shafts


Problem: The core shafts are long and weigh 200 lbs. each. Two operators were required to handle the part. Finished drum surface couldn’t be marred or scratched by the shaft. There were many work cell obstructions and limited floor space.

Application: Pick up the core shaft from a cart, transfer to the winder and place it between two winder drums. Remove shaft from the unwind table and place onto the cart.

Solution: A Simple Air Manipulator® (SAM P-126) with overhead mounting spacer and 360° continuous end joint rotation. End-effector with air release, permanent magnets and an offset end-effector frame to provide clearance when setting the part in the drum winder. Adjustable mechanical stops on the main post vertical axes, horizontal reach and lift cylinder.

Case Study
Steel Core Shafts
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