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Case Study #157: Support Plate & Molds


Problem: Grip point is at the middle of the length, across the width of the bra. Pattern width extends over the grip point 5″ on the current product, 10.5″ on the future product. At grip point pattern clearance is reduced to 2″. Bras (supported plates) must be picked off a table with a 1″ stand-off clearance. Wax pattern out of mold machine is unstable and requires gentle placement on cart.

Application: Transferring a wax pattern bra back and forth from a cart to the mold machine. Pattern has a dipping fixture plate across the bottom as a grip point. Patterns average envelope of 18″x30″x10″ and weighs 45-170 lbs. Future patterns may be 22″ wide and weigh up to 350 lbs.

Solution: A pedestal mounted Simple Air Manipulator® (SAM P-96). Vertical travel controls are on an air counter balanced pivoting control handle. Left hand candy cane steering assist handle. Single push button to grip, dual push button to release safety circuitry. Custom designed pneumatic gripper end-effector with minimal grip jaw movement. Low profile gripper frame.

Case Study
Support Plate and Molds
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