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Hydraulic Manipulators


Taurus hydraulic lift assist shown pedestal mounted and with an OD grip tool
Taurus floor mounted Hydraulic Lift Assist
Taurus hydraulic manipulator shown with an end effector loading a paint line
Taurus Lift Assist loading a paint line.
Taurus hydraulic manipulator
Taurus Lift Assist
Taurus overhead mounted manipulator arm shown with an OD gripper
Taurus industrial manipulator with OD Grip End Effector

The design of Positech’s hydraulic industrial manipulator, the Taurus Positioning Arm (TPA), emulates the movement of the human arm. This hydraulic manipulator* allows for reaching in and under. It is able to maneuver over or around work cell obstructions. When the handling process requires precise positioning of heavy payloads, up to 2,500 pounds, the Taurus hydraulic system makes it the ideal choice. Safe, low-voltage, variable speed controls can be hand held, machine mounted on ergonomically designed controls stations. The Taurus is available in four model configurations, providing 64 inches of vertical lift and flexible mounting options.

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Cut SheetTech SpecsCapacity lbs.* Reach in.Lift in.2D Drawings3D ModelInstallationManual
TPATPA55009064TPA5.dwgTPA5.sldprtTPA 10 TPA5
TPATPA1010009264TPA10.dwgTPA10.sldprtTPA 10 TPA10

*Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces payload capacity. Lift capacity dependent upon arm length.

To download the PDF of a model above, please click on the cell containing the model name

check-zoom Advantages

  • 5:1 design factor minimum on all structural components
  • Pilot operated lock valve on lift cylinder and gripper cylinders prevent downward arm movement and loss of payload if supply pressure is interrupted
  • Parallel linkage arms allow the end-effector and the payload to remain parallel and level to the floor
  • Floor mounted pedestal provided with concrete anchor bolts, mounting hardware and leveling jacks for ease of installation (No grout required)
  • Low-voltage signal on all operator’s controls
  • Overload sensors prevent lifting more than machine capacity
  • Optional temperature sensors shut down system automatically to prevent overheating
  • Motor runs only when a handling function is activated

graph-zoom Performance

  • Up to 60,000 inch pounds of moment loading at the end of second arm for extended reach payload applications
  • Optional electric collector ring available for continuous main post rotation
  • Standard flange mounting for adaptability to a variety of custom end-effectors
  • Precision bearings and thrust washers at rotation axes for smooth motion and long life
  • Vertical axes brakes available
  • Adjustable drag brakes at each vertical axis of rotation
  • Infinitely variable up/down vertical speeds; easily adjustable minimum/maximum speed controls
  • Self-contained power unit
  • Vertical lift provided by single action hydraulic ram cylinder
  • Designed for minimal deflection
  • Mounting Options: overhead, trolley, pedestal or mobile/portable base



Case Studies

Taurus Hydraulic Manipulator shown floor mounted with an OD gripper

Pedestal mounted Taurus hydraulic industrial manipulator shown with a custom designed OD gripping end effector

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