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Lift Assist for ATV tires

Wheel Handler

Tire lifting and positioning is a common problem and Positech has solved the problem with several different lift assist from ATV to tractor wheels and tires.  This lift assist has been designed for picking a 75 lb tire from a stack in the axle vertical position and rotating it downward to an axle horizontal position.  The wheel can then be rotated to align it with the lugs and placed onto an ATV.  Safety features have been built into the wheel grab to prevent the accidental release.  Check valves are used on cylinders to prevent the lift arms or the part from dropping in the event of a loss of air supply and a safety circuit has been added to require an operator to hold a grip and a grip proof button until proper grip pressure has been achieved or the jaws will automatically release.  All of this has can be done by supplying pneumatic power to the lift assist.

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