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Torque Tube Manipulator


A Torque Tube mounted on a trolley/overhead bridge crane with a dual spindle nut runner.
A Torque Tube mounted on a trolley/overhead bridge crane with a dual spindle nut runner torquing tires.

Positech’s pneumatic Torque Tube absorbs shock, torsional forces and impact forces from high torque tools, such as industrial screwdrivers and nutrunners. The Torque Tube is ideal for overhead applications where repetitive lifting and torque reactions are regular tasks in the work cell. These tasks may have long-term damaging effects on the human body, resulting in increased workers’ compensation claims and higher health care costs.

Tech SpecsLift Capacity lbs.Torque Capacity fhb.Stroke in.
TT Tech Specs
TT Cut Sheet

Requires 90 psi (6.21 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity

*Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces capacity

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check-zoom Advantages

    • 5:1 design factor minimum on all structural components
    • Narrow design of the lift assembly minimizes obstructions in the operator’s line of sight
    • Reduces repetitive shock force to wrists, arms and upper bodies
    • Pilot operated lock valve on lift cylinder prevents vertical movement if sudden loss of air pressure occurs
    • Minimum Lift Circuit is standard, allowing controlled downward movement
    • Full turn-key or integration of customer supplied torque equipment

graph-zoom Performance

  • Balance configuration for ‘zero gravity’ control
  • Variety of tool holder designs and end joints available or special designs provided
  • Pneumatically operated, requires clean dry input pressure
  • Optional bias circuitry allows for operator ease during vertical torque
  • Optional pistol grip or ergonomic twist grip controls
  • Mounting Options: single arm jib crane or trolley/overhead bridge crane


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