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Transfer Arm (ATA)

Transfer Arm with axis shown
Transfer Arm with axis and rotation shown
3D Model of Transfer Arm (TTA)
Tool grips and manually rotates a handling basket used for plating 250 lb parts
Special gripper handles solid fuel rockets during test and assembly for defense project

Positech’s low-profile Transfer Arm (ATA) allows placement in areas too confined to accommodate larger material handling equipment. Specifically designed for minimum vertical travel and to fit limited-access work cells, this machine is well-suited for loading and unloading machining centers and for positioning assembly. Mounting options include pedestal, mobile/portable base, overhead fixed, or on trolleys.

ATA-3* 300 24 72
ATA-5** 500 24 72
TTA-3*** 300 24 72
TTA-5*** 500 24 72

*Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces payload capacity. Lift capacity dependent upon arm length.

**Requires 90psi air to operate at rated lift capacity.

***Standard 110VAC at 20 amps.

Options available for extended lift and reach.

To download the Transfer Arm cut sheet, please click here.

check-zoom Advantages

  • 5:1 design factor minimum on all structural components
  • Pilot operated lock valve on lift cylinder and gripper cylinders prevents vertical arm movement and loss of payload if supply pressure is interrupted
  • Gripper Safety Circuitry available. Prevents accidental release of unsupported parts

graph-zoom Performance

  • Fits into work cells too small for larger material handling equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic models
  • Push-button metering valve or balance controls lift/lower for ease of operation
  • Hardened lift-section components for extended service life
  • Standard reach and vertical travel can be modified to fit requirements
  • Drag Brakes on 3 axes for personalized adjustment
  • End of arm rotating axis has : up to 12,000 inch pounds of end of arm moment loading
  • Mounting options include pedestal, portable base, and overhead fixed, or on trolleys
  • Power/control unit remote mount for operation in explosive of clean room environments
  • Pneumatic is designed to be operated with clean and dry air
  • Precision bearing and thrust washers at joints for smooth motion and long life
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