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Case Study #146: Truck Engine Flywheel


Problem: Multiple parts to be handled. The dunnage and bell housing create clearance restrictions above, below and around the part. This leaves the face of the flywheel as the only exposed surface for gripping. The gripper cannot interfere with power tool access for driving in the attachment bolts. The entire process must be completed within a 54 second cycle time.

Application: Pick up the flywheel from a dunnage tray, pitch it up 90° and transfer it inside of the engine bell housing onto a guide pin. Two pre-staged bolts on the flywheel are then fastened to the engine so that the manipulator can release the part.

Solution: A floor mounted ReactionArm® Manipulator (RA-3P) with 26″ of vertical travel and 112″ of radial reach. Vacuum sensed automatic activation of balance controls and 360° continuous rotating manifold vacuum system. Spring-loaded alignment pins and bolt driver assemblies. Compact pitching end joint.

Case Study
Truck Engine Flywheel
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