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Case Study #145: Wheel & Swing Drives


Problem: Operators were using a chain and hoist solution to transfer parts. It was deemed an unsafe environment with several dropped parts. Accurate placement in workstation positioners and pallets could not be achieved. Operators were not meeting cycle times with prior handling method.

Application: Transfer large drive assemblies around a work cell allowing for 90° rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the load position.

Solution: Vertical Lift Cylinder and hydraulic powered gripper end-effector with parts rotator. One chain driven grip jaw. Idler grip jaw with adjustable drag brake. Variable speed operator controls with control buttons for customer’s equipment. Padded V-shaped gripper jaws for 4-point contact on part.Gripper Safety Circuitry to prevent release of part unless part is fully supported.

Case Study
Wheel and Swing Drives
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