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Case Study #107: Nut Setter


Problem: The different angles and locations of the bolts and a restricted workcell area. A total of four units must be located in the same area with each having a different nut setter doing a different task. The customer would like to reduce the cycle time and eliminate end effector changes during the assembly process. The ultimate goal is to reduce shock absorbed by the operator.

Application: Two torque bolts in two different positions. Torque range from 350 Nm to 610 Nm. Bolts are vertical and horizontal with some at each torque range. The bolts hold sub-assemblies onto a much larger piece of equipment. The assembly work area is very restricted.

Solution: Two ReactionArm® Manipulators mounted on one pedestal with a radial reach of 144″. The bottom arm holds the angled nut setter and is equipped with caliper disc brakes on the main post, middle joint and end joint. Manipulator is equipped with a remote start switch to set the brakes before the nut setter is started to insure the torque reaction is taken by the unit instead of the operator.

Case Study
Nut Setter
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