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Customized end effector, operator controls, and specialized pneumatic, electric and hydraulic circuitry are available to meet your lifting and positioning needs.

C-Frame OD gripper style custom end effector
C-Frame Gripper 

Ideal for reaching or grabbing over and around parts sitting on an assembly bench or table.

expanding mandrel ID Poke style custom end effector for roll handling
Expanding Mandrel End Effector 

Used for reaching and picking or handling the inside of a roll or core and rotating the core orientation.

magnetic custom end effector
Magnetic Gripper

For picking and placing large or odd shaped steel parts in production or press operations.

mechanical style custom end effector
Mechanical Tool

Mechanical tools are used for supporting or simple lifting and positioning of product.

slide grip id style custom end effector
ID Slide Gripper

This grab is used when there are several parts to pick with a wide range of diameters or different lengths

slide grip OD style custom end effector
OD Slide Gripper

This grab is used when there are batch runs of parts to pick with a wide range of diameters or different lengths

specialty custom end effectors
Specialty Custom End Effectors

Custom grabs to pick and place your product based on the application or product requirements

standard ID grip style custom end effectors
Standard ID Gripper

This end effector can be used for handling rolls or any product with a round core

standard OD grip style custom end effectors
Standard OD Gripper

This grab can be used in below the hook applications to keep the tool hanging level loaded and unloaded

Vacuum style custom end effectors
Vacuum Tool

These tools are used when there is a surface that will allow for the vacuum cups to hold

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