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The Proposal Stage

Positech believes understanding the job task is the first step in completing a successful project, this is done by utilizing members of the field sales team to gather the information needed to provide the correct solution to the company’s material handling need. These steps include:

  1. Visit the customer’s facility, or correspond with customer to gain insight into their material handling problem and specialized tasks.
  2. Once necessary information is gathered, an Application Data Sheet (ADS) is compiled and a budget quote is written if necessary.
  3. A firm proposal is written, containing a complete solutions kit which may include drawings and pictures of similar past solutions, components of the machine and a drawing showing the overall equipment solution. The firm proposal also includes a description of the handling aid and end-effector details. A benefits and options section is included, along with firm pricing and an estimated lead-time.

Approval Stage

  1. After acknowledging the purchase order, the production team meets to develop a project tracking calendar (PTC). The PTC includes the project milestones and is sent to the customer to keep the customer up-to-date with the project. If there is a change in the dates provided in the PTC, then the customer will be notified.
  2. A design review is also held during the approval stage with the engineers and design team.
  3. On custom solutions, the customer is provided with an approval package that contains a profile drawing, end effector assembly drawing and schematic. The customer is asked to review this documentation and confirm approval for Positech to begin fabrication.

Run-off/Testing Stage

Upon completion of fabrication, Positech offers a complete list of run-off services. These may include:

  • On-site run-off, digital video run-off, or picture run-off
  • Installation Start-up Services
  • Correct installation
  • Maintenance training
  • Controller training
  • Turn-key installation
  • Exit Consultation
  • A one-on-one discussion concerning the process from concept to solution. Positech always strives for continuous improvement and appreciates the feedback from customers; this is a great way to maintain our strengths and improve on our weaknesses.
  • Before shipping and after run-off testing all machines undergo a final ISO audit check-off.

Continuing Sales and Service

  • Positech offers many different options in the form of customer support.
  • Standard warranty
  • On-site service
  • 24/7 emergency service phone line
  • Provide retooling of end effector if application changes
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